Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Computers compose original melodies"

"Thaler sat in front of the Web cam and listened. He indicated his likes with a smile and displeasure with a frown. A critic program connected to the music-generating program learned by watching the emotions play on his face what Thaler liked and gave him more of that. It learned what he didn't like and gave him less of that."
"He turned over the melodies generated by the program to Shawne Benson, a professional musician from Michigan. Benson acted as a conductor, pairing the melodies with harmonies composed by a separate Creativity Machine. But the compositions are still 95 percent to 98 percent compute".

Here you will find some demos:

Perhaps some people could like those pieces? But I don't accept this:

"The First Truly Machine Generated Music
Until now, scholarly types have laboriously attempted to discover the explicit “if-then-else” logic for generating new musical themes. They have then embedded such rules in variable outcome scripts executed by a digital computer and all too hastily called the results "computer-generated music."

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